How to attract women

Many a man has been at a bar, spotted an attractive woman, and
thought to himself, “Wow, she really works those breasts, bouncy

In an attempt to get to know the woman behind the mammary glands
(or just to take a closer inspection), he moseyed on up to her. But within
the first 30 seconds of conversation, he went belly up as she hammered
him to jelly. He walked away hunchbacked and long faced, wearing an
existential funk 10 times the size of his deflated ego.

When he returned to his friends, they harangued him with the
confidence crushing words, “Why do you waste your time on girls like
that? You need to go for someone in your own league.”
On an emotional level, he agreed.

Did his looks or age turn her off?

It’s easy to think so. Many women yap on and on about how important
physical appearance is. If you’ve perused online personals, you’ve
probably seen the heaps of female profiles warning: “If you stand below
six feet, rake in under a hundred grand a year, and sprout more hair on
your back than your head, don’t bother replying.”

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